LKM7000 Series by Lockmaster

The revolutionary LKM7000 locking device provides both high security and life safety. The single motion egress feature of the LKM7000 Lock Series, when integrated with a high security (FF-L-2740A) lock, creates a FF-L-2890 compliant pedestrian door lock. The Series offers many lock device models from exit-only to tiered levels of security.
Easter’s carries all LockOne LKM7000 Series products including:

  • LKM7002
  • LKM7003
  • LKM7004
  • LKM7006
  • LKM7000
  • LKM7000 Accessories
  • Next Generation LKM10K (Coming 2015)

For questions and pricing regarding the LockOne LKM7000 Series, please contact us.