400 Series UL Approved Components by Sargent & Greenleaf

  • Lock sold separately
  • Works in conjunction with both GSA approved combination locks
  • Modular design makes it ideal for variety of commercial environments

Learn how the 2890B can enhance the safety and security of your sensitive environments.

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Sargent & Greenleaf 2740 Series

The S&G 2740 is a GSA-approved, high-security combination lock designed to meet all of the stringent lock mandates of the Federal Specification FF-L-2740. This product has been deemed appropriate for safes, vault doors, and security files for the protection of national security information.

Engineered and manufactured to meet the highest security standards of the U.S. Government, the S&G 2740 provides instant, reliable power-up. The S&G 2740 also eliminates the requirement for cables outside the safe. Powered by lithium power cells, the S&G 2740 has a projected life of 10+ years. When the batteries expire, simply replace them instead of the entire mechanism. Please contact us.

LKM7000 Series by Lockmaster

The revolutionary LKM7000 locking device provides both high security and life safety. The single motion egress feature of the LKM7000 Lock Series, when integrated with a high security (FF-L-2740A) lock, creates a FF-L-2890 compliant pedestrian door lock. The Series offers many lock device models from exit-only to tiered levels of security.
Easter’s carries all LockOne LKM7000 Series products including:

  • LKM7002
  • LKM7003
  • LKM7004
  • LKM7006
  • LKM7000
  • LKM7000 Accessories
  • Next Generation LKM10K (Coming 2015)

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